A new feature for SilverStripe should be ...

Improve UI for media insertion / management

When using file manager or inserting media from CMS, a more visual approach would be more user friendly.

Wordpress is a great example of how media insertion and management should be handled, the kickassets module is another good example (just for the file management side of things).

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    Colin Richardson shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • AdminIngo Schommer (Admin, SilverStripe) commented  · 

        I think we're in a much better place now, with a React-powered UI that's the same between the dedicated "assets" management section, and the "insert media" dialog. Including a more powerful search, list filtering/sorting.

        There's been a few related announcements:

        We've also made progress on the "insert link" panels, see https://www.silverstripe.org/blog/the-first-beta-release-of-silverstripe-4-is-here/.

        So while these improvement cards are never really done, I think we're on a good path.

        Will, do you want to file more specific feature requests for the usability issues you've raised here on Uservoice, and link them here?

      • Colin Richardson commented  · 

        Uservoice neglected to tell me there were comments on this, but I agree with everything __will said. I have the pleasure of helping a friend out with a WP site and while most of it makes me curse, the media manager is leaps ahead of any CMS I've worked with. It's big, bold and intuitive.

        The only thing I don't like about it is that it defaults to uploading files into directories based on year / date, I think SilverStripe handles this better with setFolderName as it allows organising files in a meaningful way without requiring too much input from the end user.

        I'd recommend slinging up a site on wordpress.com and inserting an image, the difference is clear.

      • __will commented  · 

        Also, it says "File with the same name already exists" - so a button saying "Use this one" would be very good.

      • __will commented  · 

        Forgot to mention, also on clarity - when you do find a file, would be good to know where it lives - so show folders / tags for the file in the (not existing) expanded details view.

      • __will commented  · 

        A few observations, also largely coming from a frustration with existing media management & how it compares with WP.

        The issues are, Usability, Speed & Clarity.

        Small Modal - no need for such a small window into a big world of media files in the cms. Make it full screen

        Selections only marked by gentle yellow colour. Too subtle, not accessible

        search icon should not be on kb column. it's for everything

        searching by date is cool, but relies on respecting the date format. clients might type in january 2014. no error message given so who knows why no results

        Drop down filter of only years/months that have images would be improvement

        folders drop down could show numbers of files in folder

        only showing 8 items at a time when selecting files. needs to be much more to make scanning for the file quicker.

        I can filter by file type by entering file extension in name field. Too subtle. Do wildcards work?

        fix CSS errors around filter and search UI

        Make it possible to search in any folder. I don't know where other users put anything!

        The drop-down search for folders requires return to activate search, should be as you type. requires round trip to server, should be client side.

        Once you have searched for a folder, hit return - how do you change your mind? no way to unselect that - unless i can remember the other folder-names.

        DO NOT assume intimate knowledge of folder structure & where everything is!

        Everything about it is too slow, often it goes back to the server when should be client side for things like preview & file details.

        - Use more client side tech
        - speed up pagination results
        - speed up time to load drop down of folders
        - aim to give instant feedback on files selected.

        It's hard to know if the file is the right one to choose. All the thumbs are cropped squares.

        make thumbs larger so users might recognise the image they want

        Client side details on selection to help identify it is the correct / an appropriate file
        - Dimensions
        - Not-cropped Thumb of whole image


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